Perfect Pemba Island: A Tanzanian Beach Paradise

As one of Tanzania’s most beautiful island attractions, Pemba Island, a laidback tropical paradise, may be small – but what it lacks in size, this gorgeous island certainly makes up for with its wild, natural beauty.

With a dreamy coastline, amazing diving opportunities and diving resorts, rich underwater sea life and historic fishing villages, Pemba Island provides a tranquil, somewhat rustic beach escape for travellers and island guests alike.

And, because Zanzibar and Mafia Island usually draw more interest, Pemba Island is the perfect place to enjoy a more secluded (but no less stunning) beach holiday.

In this post, we highlight some of the island’s best attractions, including the luxurious, Fundu Lagoon, which is found on pretty Pemba.

Local Attractions and Activities to Enjoy on Pemba Island

Arguably one of the most famous, appealing aspects about Pemba Island are the incredible diving opportunities that this island affords its visitors and locals alike.

With pristine waters, picturesque diving sites and perhaps above all, the chance to discover this remote national treasure all for yourself (all while unearthing some underwater magic) – there can be no question that, when exploring or staying on Pemba Island, diving should be top on your to-do list!

Whilst staying at Fundu Lagoon, divers can choose from mesmerising aqua shallows to more daring, hundred-metre drop-offs, as they immerse themselves in the alluring underwater world found in and around perfect Pemba Island.

Best of all, Fundu Lagoon proudly boasts its own, five-star PADI dive centre. This comes complete with courses and all necessary dive equipment and materials needed for experienced divers and diving excursions.

In addition to the excellent diving opportunities and island’s dive facilities, Pemba Island is also great for snorkelling (equipment is readily available from Fundu Lagoon), fun dolphin safaris, village treks, custom-made island tours geared towards culture and history, river safaris and so much more.

In many ways, the local attractions, and activities that one can enjoy in and around the idyllic Fundu Lagoon are seemingly endless. Best of all, there is something for every type of outdoor adventurer too.

However, if you prefer a quieter, more soothing holiday with less adventure and more TLC and downtime, Fundu Lagoon offers relaxing activities and experiences, too.

These include private candlelit dinners for the lovers among us; sunset dhow cruises; hair and henna ceremonial- and custom-designs for brides; and of course, incredible accommodation-, food- and drink-offerings too.