wooden walk way to fundu lagoon
Fundu Lagoon Pemba Island


Welcome to Fundu Lagoon! Secluded in the picture-perfect scene of Pemba Island, which literally means, Green Island. Hugged with tall, luscious green palm trees and wide variety of fauna. Upon arrival be greeted with a calm summer breeze and powder soft sands, full of smooth, white pebbles and clear blue waters. This is your 7-day itinerary while visiting the culturally rich and peaceful island…

Day one… arrive in Pemba Island, the most beautiful of all the islands in this archipelago. Welcome to the start of your barefoot holiday. A private jetty awaits, your trip to Fundu Lagoon will take about 10-20 minutes depending on the tides. Now is the time to reflect and take in the endless views of this pristine island, you might be lucky to spot some dolphins along the way. Upon arrival at our reception, you will receive your key and be guided to your suite. Once you’ve settled in, we encourage you to take a stroll around the resort. You’ll notice how peaceful and serene life is here. After a tasteful rich dinner by the candlelight, head to bed for a good night rest, because tomorrow the adventurous exploring begins.

Day two… Wake up to the sounds of the waves hitting the shore and the birds singing in the trees. Head down for a deliciously prepared breakfast to fuel yourself for the adventurous day ahead. Discover the colourful coral reefs as you go snorkeling with our diving team. Pemba is indeed an underwater naturalist’s dream and an opportunity to discover the real meaning of marine paradise. Our team takes you out to Misali Island, as it’s the best place to discover the impressive biodiversity in the region’s waters. End the day off with a traditional sunset dhow cruise, accompanied with a glass of champagne and fresh canapes.

Day three, four and five… There are endless discoveries on Pemba Island. Life here is all about that island living and appreciating the beauty that surrounds us. Get a deeper connection with the historical meaning of this town as you explore the traditional villages and experience the Swahili culture. Here you meet fishermen, connect with the locals, and even learn about the history behind the traditional practices. Be sure to taste the varies cuisines, which combines the flavors of Africa, India, and the Middle East. Encounter the various water activities Pemba has to offer. Kayaking through the ruins and dolphin safari’s are a must to do during your visit.

Day six… Be sure to take some time to truly relax. Our spa offers a calming atmosphere with wellness treatments that leave you feeling rejuvenate and restored. A private resort dedicated to your wellbeing. After your treatments, head out to lounge in the sun, soaking in all the warm rays before heading home. Be treated to your last supper with us, a delicate dish inspired by the traditional culture and its cuisines. Be romanced by the African sunset beside the candlelight as you share the unforgettable memories from the trip.

Day seven… The week of sufficient relaxation and memorable memories comes to an end. After breakfast, you’ll head out back home but a piece of you will always remain in Fundu Lagoon, Pemba Island… waiting for you to revisit.

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